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What is CodeVista?

MVCodeVista is a universal “code” library directed mainly at programmers. However, anyone can use it with great results CodeVista main window 1 to organize their notes, attached programs, documents and Internet links. For programmers it offers additional tools to work with stored code.

If you are a programmer, no matter whether you are a beginner or hard-core you will frequently find yourself either hunting for code that you know you have already written or searching the web for a bit of code that you know would solve your current problem.

How often do you find that you need a particular code snippet that you have seen somewhere but can't remember where?

Rather than wasting time hunting and searching wouldn't it be better to have a tool that will:

  • allow you to quickly and easily store code, articles, Internet links and useful tools for future use and
  • ensure that you store items as soon as you create them or come across them while browsing the web?

  • Well we offer you such a tool! Try CodeVista Universal Code Library and save those precious hours in a day by quickly retrieving the information you need. Youíll find that CodeVista Universal Code Library will become the one tool that you canít do without!

    CodeVista Vision

    MVCodeVista has been created with the aim of offering more options, power and flexibility than other similar programs currently on the market.

    By releasing this program, we want to make life much easier for the programmer, or indeed any professional. We believe you’ll find CodeVista better than anything you have tried previously.

    Basic Features - What CodeVista can do for you

    MVCodeVista has a lot of useful features that allow you to:
    • Store snippets of code that might be useful to you in future. (Imagine the time you'll be able to save when working on a project.)
    • Set automatic code colorization – just choose language and import its definition; or define your own keyword set. Then export the definition and submit it for use by other users.
    • Create and store rich formatted notes for each item.
    • CodeVista main window 2
    • Store documents, install kits, executables or just about any kind of relevant files as attachments for each item. Open or run them from the same place.
    • Create and store rich text descriptions for any single attached file.
    • Browse the web straight in the CodeVista library and save interesting addresses with your items.
    • Edit items’ home web pages and insert pictures to store with your items. HTML page editor is part of MVCodeVista.
    • Download files from the Internet straight to your items. This means you don’t have to first save the file and then import it into the program (although you can do this too, of course).
    • Extract zipped files straight from CodeVista in CodeVista’s custom enhanced extract dialogue.
    • See instantly if a chosen item contains any information on each tab. No more clicking on each tab just to see if it has any content!
    • Link items between each other and create dependencies using item linking.
    • Connect and switch between several databases.
    • Use full text search and search for any text in any item segment, including associated web pages.
    • Export and import single complete item or whole branches of items. Share these with other users.
    • Send exported items to your friends by e-mail straight from the CodeVista library.
    • Print or send items in rich text format.
    • Replicate complete databases and synchronize changes for example between your home and work replicas.
    • Visually resolve conflicts if you edited the same item on the main and child replica between two synchronizations.