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Version 2.0.61

3 May 2003

Bugs fixed:
  • The "See more..." link on the tips form was not working properly in all cases.
  • It was possible to minimize the Find dialog.
  • When a previous search was selected from the combo-box in the find dialog the Search button was not getting enabled.
  • When the main treeview was shrinked using the tool button at its top right hand side and then just stretched back by dragging instead of using the tool button again the other toolbar controls were not visible.

Version 2.0.58

13 February 2003

Bugs fixed:
  • When the application was run for the very first time and menu Tools - Options... was selected immediately afterwards a "File not found" error was generated.

Version 2.0.57

2 April 2002

Bugs fixed:
  • In some cases the very first run of CodeVista on a user's system would report a missing database.
  • When any messages were displayed before the main program window the window's content was not resized properly.
  • Sometimes toolbars were not positioning correctly.
  • Part of the vertical toolbar on the "Find Results" tab was displayed outside the tab itself if the tab's height was too small to accommodate the whole toolbar and the status bar was not displayed.
  • An error was generated during search if the "Link's main page" area was among the selected search areas.

Version 2.0.56

31 March 2002

Bugs fixed:
  • Root items deleted in the mother database and subsequently updated in a replica at a later time were correctly put to the "orphaned items" folder in the replica upon synchronization. If the user decided to keep the item in the main database, the item was remaining in the "Orphaned items" folder instead of the root after the next synchronization.
  • It was possible to perform a search without specifying any criteria.

Version 2.0.55

30 March 2002

Changes to functionality:
  • The keyboard shortcut for Rename Item was changed from Ctrl-R to the standard F2. Consequently the shortcut for Add Bookmark was changed from F2 to Ctrl-O.
Bugs fixed:
  • CodeVista was producing several bugs when run on a system that had its local settings set to certain non-English locales.
  • In the "Options..." dialog, the Esc key was opening the language definition file import dialog instead of closing the “Options” dialog itself.
  • The work area of the Usage tab was not inheriting the standard windows color.
  • The error message dialog was not stretching to accommodate the whole message text for longer messages.

Version 2.0.54

10 March 2002

First commercially released version.